Monday, March 21, 2016

Shimmer Massage Bars

Shimmer massage bars 

1/2 cup Deodorized cocoa butter 

1/4 cup Coconut butter 
Light gold mica
Orchid mica 
1 tsp Blackened amethyst fragrance oil 
Massage bar mold (I got mine from Amazon)

First I measured the oils and melted them in a liquid measuring cup, I just used the microwave to melt my oils in 30 second bursts. If you need to cool down your oil before adding your fragrance oil you can cut little pieces off cocoa butter and stir them in until they melt. Then I added my colorants and fragrance oil. I used a stick blender to make sure everything was incorporated. Then I poured the mixture into the molds and let them dry until they were hard. I would suggest letting them dry overnight to really make sure they are ready to un-mold. 

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