Saturday, April 23, 2016

How to get the Perfect Bath Bomb every time

Hi everyone, today I am going to be giving you a few tips and tricks on how to get perfect bath bombs every time. Ive been getting a lot of questions about this and I thought I would give you some information on bath bombs and how to get your recipe perfect. 

1. Liquid to Dry Ratio 

It can be tricky to get the right ratio between your liquid and dry ingredients. This ratio might be different for you depending on where you live. The humidity level can play a role in this as well. For example in the picture the bath bomb on the right wouldn't stick together therefor I didn't add enough liquid. And the one on the left has too much liquid so the shape has changed after I took it out of the mold. unfortunately this is something you will just have to mess around with until you get the right liquid ratio that works for you where you live.

2. Always add your citric acid after you have mixed your wet and dry ingredients 

This one is easy to forget but very important. Always add your citric acid last. The reaction your bath bomb makes when you drop it in your tub is between the citric acid and baking soda and if that reaction starts before you are ready your bath bombs will get very mushy and won't work. This just happens to be the same method Lush uses when making their bath bombs.

3. Never store your bath bombs in your bathroom 

This one is simple, don't store your bath bombs in your bathroom. The reason its not a good idea is because the steam from your shower or bath water can set off the reaction early and all your hard work will be ruined. I like storing mine in a box in my room but I've also seen many people use an apothecary jar to store all their bath and body products. 

4. Never make bath bombs when its raining 

This one is has the same concept as the others. When it rains the humidity in the air is a lot higher and will mess with the liquid ratio making your bath bombs fall apart. 

5. Picking a mold size 

Bath bomb molds come in many different sizes and it can be tricky to find the size you like. I use 70mm molds or 2.5" diameter. This size works really well with my recipe because you will get 3 bath bombs every time. But mine are a little smaller than Lush bath bombs so if you want yours to be the same size as theirs you would want to use a 80mm mold. The small bath bombs from Lush are 50mm.

Another tip for your molds is to use two of the same sides of the mold. The mold fits together with the lips on the edges and I like to use the sides that stick out. This way your molds will last a lot longer and won't break. 

6. Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate

Ive gotten a lot of questions about if this ingredient is necessary and the answer is no. This is an optional ingredient but it changes the reaction in the water. Sodium laurel sulfoacetate or SLSA is a bubbling agent that makes your water a bit frothy or foamy. It also slows down the reaction time and makes your bath bomb fizz for a lot longer. 

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