Sunday, April 10, 2016

Salt Water Taffy Chocolate Bar Soap

Todays Tutorial is a fun soap I made using a chocolate bar mold. This would be really cute if you wrapped it up like a chocolate bar and would make for a really cheap gift or DIY project.


3 oz White melt and pour soap base 
Poppy seeds
Body safe glitter
1/4 tsp Fragrance oil (I used salt water taffy)
food coloring or mica
chocolate bar mold

First I got my mold ready with my poppy seeds and glitter. I just sprinkled the desired amount on the bottom of my mold before I started pouring my soap like this. 

Then I put some pieces of orange soap on the bottom. I just used some from a different project but if you don't have that you can melt a little soap and add colorant and pour it on some wax paper to make a thin layer of soap. When it dries you can cut it into little pieces and put it on the bottom like I did. 

Now its time to melt the other colors. I used 1 oz for each color and melted them and dyed them the colors I wanted. (I used pink, blue, and yellow) Now add your fragrance oil and pour into the mold. I layered the colors to make a swirled effect. 

Let your soap harden until you un-mold. 

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