Monday, May 1, 2017

DIY Disney Inspired Candles

Things you will need

Soy wax
Candle Jars (I re-used jars and lids from old candles I used up)
I used
Dole whip Float-Iced pineapple
Mad Tea Party-Sweet Tea Zing
To Infinity and Beyond-Lemon Sugar
Wax melting pot
candle wicks

This was a pretty easy project, and also pretty self explanatory, but I will explain what I did and give you some tips and tricks to help ensure your candles turn out beautiful.

First you need to get your candle jars ready to go. If you re-use jars like I did you will want to make sure your jars are cleaned out completely and your jars are dry. Next you want to put the wick in you candle. I just used hot glued them to the bottom of the glass.

Now its time to melt your wax. I didn't use an exact measurement because your wax amount will very depending on the size of your jar. A good trick is to fill the jar up with the wax chips and then add a little more to make sure you have enough. then start melting the wax chips down. (I used a double boiler method for this).

Once your wax is all melted its time to stir in your fragrance oil. This also will very depending on the size. But a good guide is to add 1oz of fragrance for every 12oz of wax. (also check the flash point on your fragrance oil to make sure your candle stays fragrant)

Now its time to pour your wax into your candle jar. Another good tip is to hold your candle wicks in place by wrapping them around a straw or pen.

let the wax dry before trimming the wicks. And after that you are good to go:)

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